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Odds and Ends
Please make sure to inform me of any medical conditions, allergies, etc. before provisioning.

Let Captain Mark know if there are any birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions that might occur during the trip or that you would like to celebrate.

Pack your belongings in a soft bag (if possible) for easy stowage on board. Many people overpack for a trip like this; believe me, you will be in shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits 95% of the time, and will probably buy something there to wear. Unless you want to get kinky, leave the high heels, whips and leather at home!

Please no pets or small reptiles allowed. Illicit drugs are strictly prohibited, cigarette smoking is strongly discouraged, snoring is tolerated, but the captain reserves the right to install nose plugs at his discretion.

These details assume traveling with adults only, we enjoy sailing with the youngsters as well so bring them along and we will customize the sailing and on shore activities with them in mind!.


What To Bring
Please consider bringing, along with your own personal effects, some or all of the following:

Clothes   Other Stuff
Bathing Suit(s)
Boat Shoes; bare feet preferred on board!
Walking sandals, shoes
Cotton Pants
Long-sleeved Shirt
Shorts (2)
Skirt/Simple Dress
Underwear(not much)
Brimmed Hat
Books, magazines, etc.
Scopolamine (seasick medicine)
Large Beach Towel
Mask (to make sure one fits)
Digital Camera
Drivers License
Journal and Pen
Lip Balm
Personal Medications
Spare sun glasses
Sun Glasses
Sun Screen
Swiss Army Knife
Wine (if not ordered)
Soft luggage bag

Bathrooms on Mustique

What's Not Included
  • All taxi fares, to and from airports, and while visiting islands on shore.
  • Trip insurance, cancellation insurance. Please see for this insurance.
  • Airfares
  • Additional wine, liquor, beer. If you want more, let me know, and I'll tell you how much it will cost.
  • Earplugs, in case someone snores
For special occasions, we will custom design a themed t-shirt for your group. See the shirts we have designed in other parts of this site.

Guest may also receive a cap with logo, one size fits all! It comes in handy as a sun shade or to hold the shells you collect as you walk down the beach.

On some trips, the guests have sacrificed one of their t-shirts as a gift to me. Everyone draws a bunch of pictures or writes a saying or memory somewhere on the shirt as my souvenir of the friendship and fun we all had together. I leave this up to you, but it is a fun thing to do on the last night.

The indoor/outdoor shower at the Firefly Inn, Mustique

Each charter group will receive one professional photo album (with additional copies available to purchase) with up to 100 photos from as a souvenir of the Ocean Breeze Tours vacation. A digital camera is used so all photos can be emailed to each member or your party to enjoy. Guests love to revisit and show their friends the coffee table photo book of the wonderful paradises they have visited.

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel participation in the trip, you may do so as a group only. If the group cancels prior to 90 days before departure date, the refund will be full minus $300 plus whatever my (and/or the cook's) nonrefundable airline ticket cost.

If the group cancels within the 90 day period, the refund will be full minus the cost of the yacht, $300, and the total of airline tickets purchased. I am only passing along the cancellation policy of the charter boat companies. If the particular charter company has a different or better policy, I will pass it along. Very few will eventually refund the charter fee if they re-charter the boat for the same dates, so don't count on that.

I believe that or will provide the individual with cancellation insurance. Please check with them.

Waiver & Disclaimer
An agreement will be signed and understood by all participants of any Ocean Breeze Tours vacation.

The guests, both individually and as a group, will be liable for any and all damage and liability that is not covered by the insurance, including reimbursement of the dinghy deposit. All guests will be required to sign a waiver thereby accepting personal and equal responsibility and acknowledging the exclusion of the Tour Guide/Captain (Mark Denebeim) and crew from any financial or other liabilities, responsibilities or actions during or as a result of this trip. The cost of any emergencies or special considerations not mentioned above will be the responsibility of the guest or guests involved, not that of the tour guide/captain and crew.

All information contained within this web site shall not, without Ocean Breeze Tours prior written consent, be copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, in whole or in part.

Neither Ocean Breeze Tours nor any of its affiliates or any of their respective employees makes any representation or warranty (express or implied) as to the accuracy or completeness of any information provided to you.

The inclusion or representation of other companies or services does not represent an endorsement by Ocean Breeze Tours or any of its affiliates.

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